Packing seals, also known as strapping seals or buckles, are essential components used in conjunction with strapping rolls to secure and fasten the strapping around packages or loads. They provide a secure closure and prevent the strapping from coming loose during transportation or handling.

Here are some common types of packing seals used with strapping rolls:

  1. Metal Seals: Metal seals are commonly used with steel strapping. They are typically made of galvanized steel or stainless steel and are available in various designs, such as open seals, closed seals, or push-type seals. Metal seals are crimped or threaded onto the strapping ends using a seal crimper or seal tool to create a secure closure.

  2. Plastic Seals: Plastic seals are frequently used with polyester or polypropylene strapping. They are made of high-strength plastic and come in different styles, including open seals, closed seals, or snap-on seals. Plastic seals are applied by inserting the strapping ends into the seal and then manually pressing or snapping the seal closed.

  3. Wire Seals: Wire seals are commonly used with plastic or composite strapping. They consist of a wire or metal strip with a locking mechanism. The strapping is threaded through the wire seal, and the wire is then tightened and locked in place to secure the strapping.

  4. Friction Weld Seals: Friction weld seals are used with polyester or polypropylene strapping in conjunction with a friction weld strapping tool. The tool heats and melts the strapping ends, fusing them together to form a strong, secure seal without the need for separate metal or plastic seals.

When selecting packing seals for strapping rolls, consider the following factors:

  • Compatibility: Ensure that the seals are compatible with the type and width of strapping you are using. Different strapping materials and widths may require specific seal designs or sizes.

  • Strength: Choose seals that match the strength and breaking strength of the strapping to ensure a secure and reliable closure.

  • Application Method: Consider the method of application, such as crimping, snapping, or using a friction weld tool, and choose the appropriate seals accordingly.

  • Environment: If the strapping will be exposed to outdoor or harsh environmental conditions, consider using corrosion-resistant metal seals or seals made of weather-resistant materials.

Packing seals can be purchased from packaging suppliers, strapping manufacturers, or industrial supply stores. They are typically available in bulk quantities and are compatible with specific strapping widths and types.

Properly applied and secure packing seals ensure that the strapping remains tightly fastened around packages or loads, providing secure and reliable containment during transportation and handling.

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