Markers and cutters are essential tools used in various industries and settings for marking and cutting tasks. Here's an overview of these tools:

Markers: Markers are writing instruments designed to make visible marks on different surfaces. They come in various types, each suited for specific applications. Some common types of markers include:

  1. Permanent Markers: These markers use quick-drying ink that adheres to most surfaces, making the marks resistant to water, fading, and rubbing. They are commonly used for labeling, marking, and writing on materials like cardboard, plastic, metal, and glass.

  2. Whiteboard Markers: Whiteboard markers are designed for writing on whiteboard surfaces. The ink used in these markers is easily erasable using a whiteboard eraser or cloth.

  3. Highlighters: Highlighters are markers used for emphasizing or highlighting text in books, documents, or notes. They contain fluorescent ink that creates vibrant, translucent colors.

  4. Fabric Markers: Fabric markers are specifically designed to make permanent marks on fabric surfaces. They are commonly used for textile crafts, clothing customization, or marking fabric for sewing and quilting projects.

  5. Water-based Markers: Water-based markers use ink that is easily soluble in water. They are suitable for paper-based materials and are often used for drawing, coloring, or calligraphy.

Cutters: Cutters, also known as cutting tools or utility knives, are used for precision cutting, shaping, or trimming various materials. Some commonly used cutters include:

  1. Utility Knives: Utility knives are versatile cutting tools with retractable blades. They are commonly used for general-purpose cutting tasks, such as opening boxes, cutting cardboard, or trimming materials.

  2. Craft Knives: Craft knives are precision cutting tools used in art and craft projects. They have fine, replaceable blades that allow for intricate and delicate cutting on materials like paper, cardstock, foam, or thin plastic.

  3. Scissors: Scissors are handheld cutting tools with two opposing blades joined by a pivot. They are used for cutting paper, fabric, plastic, and other lightweight materials.

  4. Rotary Cutters: Rotary cutters are tools commonly used in sewing and quilting. They have a circular blade that rotates as it cuts through fabric, allowing for smooth and precise cutting.

  5. Box Cutters: Box cutters, also known as carton knives or box knives, are designed for cutting through cardboard and packaging materials. They usually have a retractable blade and a built-in safety mechanism to prevent accidents.

When using markers and cutters, it is important to follow safety guidelines and handle them with care to avoid injuries. Always ensure proper storage and keep them out of reach of children.

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