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We take pride in being a leading manufacturer & supplier of high-quality BOPP Laminated Woven Bags. With years of industry experience and a commitment to excellence, we have earned the trust of clients worldwide. Our mission is to provide innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective packaging solutions that meet the unique needs of various industries.
BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) laminated woven fabric bags are a type of packaging material used for storing and transporting various products. These bags are made by laminating a BOPP film onto a woven fabric, combining the strength and durability of the woven fabric with the enhanced visual appeal and printing capabilities of the BOPP film.

Some key features and considerations of BOPP laminated woven bags:

  1. Woven Fabric: The base material of these bags is a woven fabric, typically made from polypropylene (PP) or high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The woven fabric provides strength, tear resistance, and dimensional stability to the bags.

  2. BOPP Lamination: The woven fabric is coated or laminated with a layer of BOPP film on one or both sides. The BOPP film provides additional barrier properties, moisture resistance, and allows for high-quality printing and graphics.

  3. Visual Appeal and Printing: BOPP film allows for high-resolution printing, vibrant colors, and attractive designs. This makes BOPP laminated woven fabric bags visually appealing and suitable for displaying branding, product information, and promotional messages.

  4. Strength and Durability: The combination of the woven fabric and BOPP film results in bags that are strong, durable, and capable of withstanding rough handling and transportation. They offer resistance to punctures, tearing, and abrasion.

  5. Moisture Resistance: The BOPP film acts as a barrier against moisture, protecting the contents of the bags from humidity, moisture, and water damage. This makes BOPP laminated woven fabric bags suitable for packaging products that require protection from moisture.

  6. UV Resistance: BOPP film provides resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which helps to prevent the bags from deteriorating or becoming brittle when exposed to sunlight for extended periods. This feature is particularly important for bags used in outdoor or exposed environments.

  7. Customization: BOPP laminated woven fabric bags can be customized with various features, such as handles, zippers, gussets, or different closure options, to meet specific packaging requirements. They can also be customized in terms of size, shape, and printing design to suit the needs of the product and brand.

BOPP Laminated Woven Bags Wholesaler & Distributor in Jaipur, Rajasthan

BOPP laminated woven fabric bags are commonly used for packaging a wide range of products, including agricultural products, animal feed, chemicals, fertilizers, seeds, cement, sand, and other bulk materials. They are also used in the construction, retail, and promotional industries. These bags can be sourced from packaging manufacturers or suppliers specializing in woven bags and flexible packaging solutions. The bags are available in various sizes, capacities, and designs to accommodate different product types and quantities.
BOPP laminated woven bags offer a combination of strength, durability, moisture resistance, and visual appeal. They provide reliable packaging solutions for protecting and promoting products during storage, transportation, and display.

Why Choose Arihant Flexpack for Bopp Laminated Woven Bags

Quality Assurance: We believe in delivering the highest quality products. Our BOPP Laminated Woven Bags are crafted using top-grade raw materials and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring durability and resistance to environmental factors.

Environmental Responsibility: As an environmentally conscious company, we offer Eco-friendly options and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We provide bags that are reusable and recyclable, promoting sustainability in packaging.

Competitive Pricing: We aim to provide cost-effective solutions that do not compromise on quality. Our competitive pricing ensures that you get the best value for your investment.

Quick Turnaround: We understand the importance of timely deliveries. Our streamlined production process and efficient supply chain management ensure that you receive your orders promptly.

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