Corrugated sheets, also known as corrugated cardboard or corrugated fibreboard, are widely used in packaging and shipping applications. They are made from a combination of two flat outer layers, usually made of Kraft paper, and a wavy inner layer known as the corrugating medium.
The corrugating medium is typically made of fluted paper that forms a series of parallel ridges and valleys. This design provides strength, rigidity, and cushioning properties to the corrugated sheets. The outer flat layers, known as liners, are glued to the fluted medium to form a durable and versatile packaging material.

Corrugated sheets manufacturer in Jaipur offer several advantages for packaging and shipping needs:
Strength and durability: The corrugated structure of the sheets provides excellent strength and rigidity, making them suitable for protecting goods during handling, stacking, and transportation. They can withstand compression, impacts, and rough handling.

Cushioning and shock absorption: The air-filled flutes in the corrugated sheets act as a cushioning layer, providing protection against shocks, vibrations, and impacts. They help absorb and distribute forces, reducing the risk of damage to packaged items.

Versatility: Corrugated sheets can be easily cut, folded, and manipulated into various shapes and sizes, making them highly versatile for different packaging applications. They can be used to create boxes, dividers, inserts, pads, and other protective elements.

Lightweight: Despite their strength and durability, corrugated sheets are relatively lightweight. This feature helps minimize shipping costs and makes handling and assembly easier.

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