Manual PP strapping rolls are packaging materials used for securing and bundling items during transportation, storage, or shipping. PP stands for polypropylene, which is a thermoplastic polymer known for its strength, durability, and affordability. Manual PP strapping rolls are specifically designed for manual strapping applications where a handheld tensioning and sealing tool is used.

Here are some key features and considerations of manual PP strapping rolls:

  1. Material: Manual PP strapping rolls are made from polypropylene, which offers excellent strength and resistance to tension, impact, and weathering. PP is lightweight, flexible, and has good elongation properties, making it suitable for various strapping applications.

  2. Width and Thickness: Manual PP strapping rolls are available in different widths and thicknesses to accommodate different load sizes and strapping requirements. Common widths range from 9mm to 19mm, and thicknesses typically range from 0.5mm to 1.5mm.

  3. Tensile Strength: PP strapping has high tensile strength, allowing it to securely hold and stabilize loads. The tensile strength is usually expressed in pounds or kilograms and indicates the maximum force the strapping can withstand without breaking.

  4. Coil Length: The length of manual PP strapping rolls can vary, typically ranging from 1500 meters to 3000 meters or more. The length determines the number of strapping cycles that can be completed before a new roll is needed.

  5. Core Size: Manual PP strapping rolls usually have a core in the center that fits onto a manual strapping dispenser or tool. The core size can vary, with common sizes being 200mm or 280mm.

  6. Color: PP strapping rolls are available in different colors, such as white, black, or translucent. Color coding can be used for easy identification or for branding purposes.

  7. Compatibility with Manual Tools: Manual PP strapping rolls are designed to be used with manual strapping tools. These tools typically include a tensioner for applying tension to the strapping and a sealer or crimper for sealing the ends together using metal seals or plastic buckles.

Manual PP strapping rolls are widely used in various industries, including logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, and shipping. They are suitable for securing pallets, cartons, boxes, bundles, and other types of loads.

It's important to follow proper strapping techniques and safety guidelines when using manual PP strapping rolls to ensure secure and effective strapping. This includes properly tensioning the strapping, selecting the appropriate seals or buckles, and applying consistent and even pressure during sealing.

Manual PP strapping rolls can be sourced from packaging suppliers, industrial suppliers, or strapping roll manufacturers in Jaipur.

Overall, manual PP strapping rolls provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for bundling and securing items. Their high tensile strength, durability, and compatibility with manual tools make them a popular choice for manual strapping applications.

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